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Lisbon Colours
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Situated in the heart of the “Bairro Alto”, historical quarter of the Lisbon city visited by thousands of people in a simple stroll searching for the best place to dine, to have a drink or to breathe the alternative environment and the best night life of the city. The quarter is also the meeting point for the night wanderers and bohemians of the city, of the country and of the World. In “Bairro Alto” the most certain is to come across with many simple strangers and with the most famous. It is here that everything happens! As Norberto Araújo would say “In “Bairro Alto” the guitars wail, the lasses scream and the Men hug themselves”.

The Lisbon Colours “Bairro Alto” Apartments is constituted by 10 apartments very cosy in a centenary building totally rehabilitated in 2011, respecting the norms for the Historical Quarters which preservation of original traces guided the its aesthetic maintenance and root structure, defining a series of characteristics of the apartments as dimensions, accesses, floors and ceilings, tiling and windows. In the interior, the comfort and the experience of the space has guided the selection of the furniture and the equipments that allow it to enjoy of a comfortable space and convenient habitability having into account the fact of being inserted in an environment with a strong historical presence.

Your Lisbon Colours apartment proportionate you a combination of the inmost environment of the building allied to the most current technologies - Plasma TV with cable television, Internet Wi-Fi, air conditioning and coffee or tea machine. Each apartment presents great windows that bring you the famous “Light of Lisbon” illuminating and filling of energy and colour the equipped kitchen, the living room prepared with the most modern equipments and the comfortable sleeping room with bathroom marble faced. Everything thought for providing you the best comfort in an intense experience where you will be able to recover energies, to breakout for adventures or to be inspired to develop your projects.

During the day let the “Light of Lisbon”, enter by the window and feel outside the bustle of the quarter that prepares itself for one more night. Here the mornings are normally calm but the nights arouse the senses and invite to go out for a drink what the quarter has of more characteristic, the best night of Lisbon.

Your stay in the Lisbon Colours allows you to “inhabit” in the enchantment and involving of all the historical environment of the heart of the “Bairro Alto”, what also implies some inevitable aspects that retrace to that same historical nature of the building and the zone where it is inserted. The old buildings did not have elevator, and the maintenance of the original characteristics of the building and apartments, implies that the building does not have elevator, making difficult the access to the people with mobility problems, namely to the wheel chairs. In order to contribute for a better comfort in your stay, we will have all the availability to help you to take your baggage to your apartment.

Due to the fact of being inserted in a Historical Quarter the circulation of automobiles and the parking are liable to some limitations. There are public parking places, paid public car parks, paid near the building. For any question do not hesitate to contact us, we will have all the pleasure to find the most convenient solution, possible, in each case.

We are always available to help you during your stay. Please, call us dialling the numbers 00 351 213 468 011 (National landline call) or 00 351 914 736 390 (Call to the national mobile network) if you need assistance, if something doesn’t run conveniently or if you need any recommendation. In the apartment you’ll find one “Guide of Services" with details, including instructions, addresses and phone numbers that can be useful during your stay.

The concept Lisbon Colours

In the Lisbon Colours we believe that life is much more interesting with the joy and the energy of the colours. It is like this that we like to see the days, in an inspiring and involving palette, of colours aromas and flavours. In a cosy and familiar environment that conjugates with our style, with our state of mind. A capable atmosphere, susceptible of stopping us in the time but also capable to stimulate our curiosity. An atmosphere full of stories to share. The Lisbon Colours is a place where the moments are to remember and the dreams are really colourful.

The Lisbon Colours is the right place to start on a journey to discover the colours of Lisbon, to colour your senses. Your source of inspiration and your starting point for memorable experiences in this charming Lisbon.

The light of Lisbon, that enters by all windows of the Lisbon Colours has a proper energy very special capable to transform the moments with its magic. Whichever is our state of mind, next to the window there is always has a colour reflex that can contribute for an inexplicable sensation of enchantment and welfare.

A place where the experiences are to remember and the dreams are to carry through. A place where history and the traditions come across on the street and catch us with its energy, where the emotions warm us the heart and leave memories that we take to remember forever.
Come to arouse the colours of your senses in the Lisbon Colours!

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